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Guendj has become one of the most popular stores in Milan

Opened in 1987, we are  30 years old that we sell 70s 80s vintage garments and new ones of our production, with particular attention to leather garments.

Our small boutique contains an innumerable quantity of garments so that, it is almost impossible to see the color of the walls

The garments of all kinds that we handle are all of excellent quality and all at highly competitive prices so that everyone can find what they are looking for at a reasonable price!
We guarantee maximum professionalism and seriousness to all our customers, always trying to establish a friendly relationship that goes beyond the simple sale!

© Guendj Diffusion  s.a.s. di Cannarozzi Sergio & c. - P.Iva: IT 05959540153

Ripa Porta Ticinese, 47 - 20143 Milano - Tel: 02 58101492

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